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ADV7604 DVI receiver damage

Question asked by A.Bala on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by GuenterL


We developed display controller card with ADV7604 with UXGA resolution with DVI and VGA interface. In DVI path we used ESD chip also.


When doing hot-plug the DVI cable with board power, some time the dvi receiver portion gets damaged. Any pin on input differential line is getting short with ground. Still now 4 ICs gone out of 20. All failures show similar effects in different differential input pin and resistance with ground like 2, 8, 180 ohms. After this there will not be any video output from IC through DVI input, but VGA works fine. Can you explain why this failure happens while doing in hot-plug the DVI cable?


Now we are redesigning this board. What precaution we have to take care apart from ESD protection?

Please guide us.