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Output Format AD9628

Question asked by MartinHantke on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by MartinHantke

Help on AD9628 needed.

Hello Forum I am using an AD9628BCPZ-105 where both channels are needed.

I configure the ADC channels both as 2-complement output data format, but i seems that only one channel is configured in this manner.


 SPISend2ADC(0x05,0x03); /*Device Index (global) both channels selected*/
Pause(200); /*Pause */
SPISend2ADC(0x14,0x01); /*Output Mode 2's complement*/
Pause(200); /*Pause*/
SPISend2ADC(0xff,0x01); /*Transfer global*/

in Above Example Channel B is set to 2's complement and Channel A to offset binary.


If i Set Output Mode to OffsetBinary, Channel B is set to offset binary and Channel A to 2's complement.


I there something missing or do i missunderstand the chip?

Many thanks for any help.