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Could not update the AD9371 filter profile

Question asked by on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by gverma


I am trying to update the filter profile of 20/100/40  with MATLAB Profile Generator for AD9371 [Analog Devices Wiki] 

generated profile files which is attached.

but am getting the error like


[  208.859644] ad9371 spi1.0: deframerStatus (0x21)

[  208.867465] WARNING: 136: Mismatch detected in MYKONOS_jesd204bIlasCheck()

[  208.876555] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS mismatch: c7f8

[  208.883185] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS lanes per converter did not match

[  208.891467] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS scrambling did not match

[  208.898931] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS octets per frame did not match

[  208.906900] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS frames per multiframe did not match

[  208.915286] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS number of converters did not match

[  208.923574] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS sample resolution did not match

[  208.931592] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS control bits per sample did not match

[  208.940118] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS bits per sample did not match

[  208.947897] ad9371 spi1.0: ILAS checksum did not match


My previous filter is configured for 75/200/100.

I am able to update the files of 40/200/100 bandwidth and getting the exact bandwidth.


Please suggest whats wrong with it?

Is it the problem of AD9371 kernel file which is used in my Peta-Linux project  or in the filter profile generation.