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ADA4937-1 drive AD9284

Question asked by keddy on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by J.Harris

Hi there,

My customer is designing ADA4937-1 to drive AD9284 for his project. He follow AD9284-250EBZ schematic design, however there are some questions.

1) In EVB circuit, ADA4937-1 IN+ & IN- are swapped compared to Fig19 in AD9284 DS. Is there any impact?

2) In EVB circuit, Rf (R440 & R441) is populated. but in AD9286-500 is not populated. Is it due to the Vocm requirement difference?

3) In EVB, C418 & C419 are connected to gnd. But in AD9286-500EBZ are not. What is the reason and which one should my customer follow? 


They are using 1.2V (DC) 50ohmz termination input source. AD9284 use internal Vref and should be able to get the full span of corresponding output (0~255). Correct me if i am wrong.


Thanks and Rgds,