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Could ADXL372 be affected by gravity or not?

Question asked by howto on Jun 6, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I use eval-adxl372 board to get the accelerator data,

First, I initiate the board. Configure register POWER_CTL(0x3F) with value 0x03.


(1)At static condition, the value of X,Y,Z axis acceleration fluctuate between -5 to 5, as the resolution is 100mg/LSB,the noise level set between -0.5g to 0.5g. Does this noise level looks normal?


(2)Also in static condition, no matter what angle I set the board is, the value of x,y,z axis acceleration doesn't change to indicate the gravity affect, does gravity have affect on ADXL372?

I find little about the gravity specification on the datasheet. 

I am confused.