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Unable to debug existing AD9361 project on xilinx SDK, no-os baremetal  !

Question asked by tancarrerece on Jun 6, 2018
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I'm working on a project that consists of fmcomms5 board on xilinx ZC706 Ap SoC, I'm using vivado 2017.4. I have built an existing project successfully on vivado, I have the block diagram of the built project. I have also exported the project to SDK with bit steam, now I want to modify a bare-metal application as described here. I have created an empty project in SDK and copied the code content as described here (no-oS a9361) (along with the path, header files, and additional files ).

But the problem that I'm getting is I can't debug the application and the debugger is not generating the '.elf ' file and without that, I can't run the project on zynq A9-0 core. I did not modify any of the c codes there, but still, I'm getting some error. there are several APIs that are not defined in the existing github c code that stated previously. Please tell what I should do so that I can control ad9361 board on a zc706 with bare-metal applications. The errors that I got is attached here with the post.