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Connecting a Blackfin to the ADV212.

Question asked by MAH on Dec 21, 2011
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I would like to use a Blackfin device to connect to the ADV212. How would the ADV212 be connected to a Blackfin processor? There appears to be 3 data interfaces on the ADV212. In the case of video compression:

A.      The VDATA bus is an input port on the ADV212 and receives uncompressed video pixel data. It is connected to the video decoder.

B.      The HDATA bus is the host port and could be connected to Blackfin’s EBIU or possibly a PPI. I am not sure if the PPI can gluelessly connect to the HDATA bus, probably not. We need to verify this with an ADV212 expert.

C.      The JDATA bus is the compressed digital video output port and would connect to an FPGA.

                I am assuming that the compressed video data can be sent out the JDATA bus and read out of the HDATA bus at the same time. This needs to be verified by an ADV212 expert.

One architectural option would look like Figure 39 in the ADV212 data sheet. In this case the Blackfin would be the 16-bit host CPU and the FPGA would be the FPGA.


Also, would you have a recommendation for which Blackfin to use for lowest power operation if the video data rate is as specified below?







Thank you in advance.