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KCU116 + AD9371 Xilinx IP Config

Question asked by Fourier on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by CsomI

We've been using an AD9361 with an Altera Cyclone V, but our new generation of hardware is moving to the Kintex Ultrascale+ line and the 9371.  


I have the KCU116 dev board from Xilinx on my desk now, as well as the wideband AD9371 dev board.  These two, together, closely approximate our target hardware.


With the KCU116 dev board, we bought a site license of Xilinx's JESD204 IP.  I started looking through it today, while I had a long Questa sim running.


Since I'm new to the 9371, I'm not sure where to find the information the Xilinx JESD core is asking me for when configuring the IP core.  I'd appreciate any input I could get here.


My dev plan, FYI, is to use the KCU116 with a microblaze in it, and run the No-OS Baremetal drivers for the 9371 to tune, and set RF BW, and so on and so forth while we're evaluating the HW and doing our initial radio design.  


I've attached a few screenshots from the Xilinx JESD config.  Any advice on how to properly set it up is what would be super helpful.