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Usbi connection to adau1701

Question asked by Potto on Jun 5, 2018

I have a couple of your adau1701 evaluation boards and I get very intermittent connection with the usbi. I would say around 1 in 30 attempts I would succeed in updating the eeprom. I have tried on both windows 10, 7 and vista(32 bit) and none of them are connecting regularly. I have a cheap pc oscope, but I am a bit of a noob on it, so I wanted to know what am I looking for when I test the sda/sclk pin.


more info:


i always get the green bar to say the usbi is connected 

the program I try to upload is tiny (usually just an input and volume) until I can get it running properly

i reset everything after each attempt (unplug usb, recompile program) 


thanks for any help