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ADV7612 Dual Link Application Issue

Question asked by 涂玉山 on Jun 5, 2018
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         The customer use two ADV7612 in dual link application (the signal from DVI interface)  and there's  one of ADV7612  turn HDMI MAP register 0X07[7] & 0X07[5] read back is 0, and it's maean that DE regeneration not locked &Vertical filter has not locked, and the another one is normal. The HDMI MAP register 0X04[1] & 0X04[0] read back is '1'. And the input signal we use scope test is OK. There's no output in  unnormal ADV7612. The other one is OK.

Those two ADV7612's input clock is from DVI interface(266MHZ), each of them frequency is 133MHZ test by scope .

The clock chain: DVI---->ADV7612_1---->ADV7612_2.

And i'll loop the customer engineer in this loop later.

Is there any advice or improve solution about this application issue?

Signal chain:DVI  interface Input---->ADV7612_1&ADV7612_2---->FPGA+STM32F207----->out put interface.