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IIO Oscilloscope Saving Triggered Waveforms

Question asked by mnugent on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by ASuciu

I have a project where I'm running IIO Oscope on a Xilinx ZC706 eval board that's collecting digitized data from an AD9467 ADC on an FMC card.  The Zynq processor is running  the released Linux image provided by Analog Devices.  After booting for the first time, I ran the upgrade tools script to update the tools.


When I view the data in IIO Oscope, everything looks as expected.  If I have a constant signal, save the waveform, and display in Matlab, it looks as expected.  However, I have an application where I'm trying to capture pulse signals.  I commanded IIO Oscope to trigger appropriately and I'm able to capture the pulse.  I then stop capture and attempt to save the portion of the signal that triggered IIO Oscope, which is still displayed on the capture window.  However, when I look at the data in Matlab or just view the .csv file directly, I don't see the pulse portion of the signal.  My first guess is that when IIO Oscope triggers, even though the data displayed doesn't change because the pulse is no longer there, the data that is used when a user commands IIO Oscope to save data is still updating with new ADC data, even though the signal is not exceeding the trigger threshold.


Am I not setting up the trigger correctly such that I can save the portion of the signal with the pulse?