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ad9102 output problem

Question asked by dogukan28 on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by dogukan28

Hi everyone, could someone help me to deal with my problem with ad9102. I can not open a regval file and I almostly try every register configuration to get a sin wave but I couldn't have succeed it yet. 


command[132] = 0x00;
command[133] = 0x1E;
command[134] = 0x00;
command[135] = 0x04;


command[136] = 0x00;
command[137] = 0x0C;
command[138] = 0x00;
command[139] = 0x00;


command[140] = 0x00;
command[141] = 0x27;
command[142] = 0x00;
command[143] = 0x31;


command[144] = 0x00;
command[145] = 0x35;
command[146] = 0x40;
command[147] = 0x00;


command[148] = 0x00;
command[149] = 0x3E;
command[150] = 0x07;
command[151] = 0x50;


command[152] = 0x00;
command[153] = 0x3F;
command[154] = 0x00;
command[155] = 0x75;


command[156] = 0x00;
command[157] = 0x1D;
command[158] = 0x00;
command[159] = 0x01;


command[160] = 0x00;
command[161] = 0x1E;
command[162] = 0x00;
command[163] = 0x01;


here is my register initialization. but it does not work. can someone suggest me a solution ?(such as changing the value of the address or adding another address into initialization...)


Thanks from now.