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Labview or Ardiuno manual control for AD9959 evaluation board

Question asked by Tanzir on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by mcee

Dear All,


I wanted to perform the manual control of Ad9959 evaluation board with labview. The target is to do individual control of amplitude, phase and frequency of the sinusoidal signals in single tone mode with no modulation. Initially, I was following the reference given below to set the channel frequency for the board. Here is the link


AD9959 Set channel frequency with LabView - Discussion Forums - National Instruments 


Unfortunately, I simply could not  find the usb driver to connect my board with labview mentioned in step 1 because the web link was not accessible. It would be a great help if someone has the complete contents of the above stated link and post it here.


I know many of you have already done such project on Ad9959 either in labview or microcontroller (Ardiuno uno). Since, I am neither an expert in labview nor in aurdiuno, I will be really thankful to you guys if you kindly share your codes here.



Thank you for your time.


With best regards