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ADuM4160 Issues with EMI Radiation

Question asked by AME on Jun 4, 2018
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we use the ADuM4160 and recovered high EMI radiation during USB communication.
In our layout we followed the guidelines of AN0971:


Top (Layer 1)


GND-Planes (Layer 2)


GND-Planes (Layer 3)


Stitching Plane (overlap with both ground planes) (Layer 4)


The radiated noise with ADuM4160 looks like this:


The radiated noise without ADuM4160 looks like this:

We tried to reduce the noise with the following measures:





- Adding a common mode choke (90R @ 100 MHz) to the D+/D- lines on the primary side
  (Wurth Electronic 744231091).

- Adding a shield made of copper to the top and the bottom side of the PCB and connect it with GND on the secondary  side.

- Replacing the 10R resistors on the VBUS1 and VBUS2 terminals by 0R.

- Adding 2p7 capacitors between data-lines (D+/D-) and GND.

-Adding a 2p7 capacitor between D+ and D-. This reduced the Level of the Peaks (please notice the changed scale of the y-axis):

Our question is what measures we can take to solve our issue.