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AD9371 no-OS TX over JESD not functional

Question asked by swaxman on Jun 2, 2018
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TX signal does not show up when transmitting custom LUT-sine (DMA transfers) over JESD to AD9371 using default headless.c configuration. I verified the TX samples are sent over the TX JESD using ILA so not sure what is causing the AD9371 not to transmit. Not sure if it is related to the deframer status being 0x61 (shown below).

AD9371 in NCO mode seems to work fine and signal samples are observed at the RX JESD output. 

Need to be able to transmit data. please assist.



Please wait...
RX_XCVR initialization OK
TX_XCVR initialization OK
RX_OS_XCVR initialization OK
MCS successful
CLKPLL locked
AD9371 ARM version 5.1.1
PLLs locked
Calibrations completed successfully
DeframerStatus = 0x61
dac_setup dac core initialized (200 MHz).
adc_setup adc core initialized (100 MHz).