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ADAU1701 vs. AD1941

Question asked by Sebastian on Dec 21, 2011
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I have to expand a digital-radio-transceiver for automotive applications by a DSP. The DSP has the task to equalize music by using various profils (e.g. rock, pop, flat, bass enhancement). The choice which profile will be used should be controlled by a microcontroller. Now I am looking for a suitable DSP. In summary the DSP has to fulfil following requirements:


-made for automotive applications

-I2C interface to communicate with the microcontroller

-I2S input and output

-max 5V supply voltage

-min. 2 MHz clock frequency at the I2S output

-EQ settings easy programmable

-EQ settings manageable by the microcontroller



I have found two DSPs which would be suitable but I do not know which one would be better for my application. I have found the AD1941 and ADAU1701.


I hope you can understand my request and help me