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LTC3110 V MID capacitance

Question asked by kdavies4 on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by MollyZhu

The LTC3110 datasheet states the following:

"If using a single V SYS capacitor where balancing is not required, a capacitor of at least 100nF must be connected between V MID and PGND."


However, elsewhere it states:

"If the output is not used, a compensation capacitor of 1nF must be connected between pins V MID and PGND."


"Generally capacitors with equal value of at least 1nF should be connected from V CAP to V MID and from V MID to PGND if the output is unused"


Is 100nf required, or only 1nF? Also, is the capacitance just needed between V MID and PGND, or also between V CAP and V MID?