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AD9959 SDIO writing modes

Question asked by anurag250891 on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2018 by anurag250891

Hello Everyone,


I am currently studying about ad9959.  In AD9959 there are four different SDIO pins (SDIO_0, SDIO_1,SDIO_2 and SDIO_3) and also four individual DDS Cores channels with four different output channels.


So I wanted to know about is that, Are these four different SDIO pins representing four individuals DDS and output channels? Like SDIO_0 for DDS0, SDIO_1 for DDS1, SDIO_2 for DDS and SDIO_3 for DDS_3. 


and also if that is the case then, Do I need to use microcontroller with four SPI port? like SPI0 for SDIO_0, SPI1 for SDIO_2 and so on for other channel. Or i can write all DDS cores with single SPI port by enabling and disabling the channel. If i want to write four different frequencies for all four different channels.


Thank you