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Noisy output :LTC2500-32 eval board with DC590B.

Question asked by asifalilu on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by ghoover

Hi, I am on testing LTC2500-32 eval board with DC590B. My input signal is 100uV with accuracy of +/-4 uV. I have used the configurations in Quikeval software are: DGE = ON, Filter= SSinc, DF= 32- 256. The problem is that, my plot shows very noisy. I have tested with several configuration and got minimum deviations +/-10uV at DF=256(Attached). Actually I need more sampling rate (around DF= 8)  but now it is very noisy.Please suggest the steps taken for the minimum distortion ADC Reading and Regarding the cables and connector selection for input and power supply.