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Using ADRV9361-z7035 for customize application

Question asked by Rocky2018 on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Rocky2018

I want to use ADRV9361-Z7035 for a particular application involving a detection of certain bandwidth and then re-transmit the detected peaks.


I have the following questions.

  1. For RF spectrum detection and re-transmission I want to develop a customize IP and later integrate with FPGA reference design provided by AD. For this I had built the reference design by cloning HDL source using Vivado 2017_r1. I need help in this regard that between which blocks I should integrate my customize IP.
  2. Later once the VHDL design(customize IP integration) complete , whenever ADRV9361-z7035 is power on and after running IIO Oscilloscope I want that it should be calibrate according to logic (RX LO should be tune to a particular frequency , Bandwidth should be to particular value etc and same is the case with TX ).


For part 2. I need some clarity and guidance that should i need to play with source code/API provided by AD to configure my adrv9361-z7035 for customize settings. Any useful link or documentation over there . kindly share the link.


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