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About LTspice RAW file format

Question asked by Dera on May 31, 2018

This question has been solved.

It was a really simple structure.(Swap X and Y)

I am ashamed of having suffered without noticing it.


I want to automatically retrieve LTspice data(Raw file) at Excel VBA.

Please tell me the structure of the raw file.


>Situation(Command Line Simlation)

1. C:\"Program Files"\LTC\LTspiceXVII\XVIIx64.exe -Run -b -netlist xxxxxx.asc(Excel VBA access)

2. C:\"Program Files"\LTC\LTspiceXVII\XVIIx64.exe -Run -b -ascii VBA access)

3. Excel VBA read xxxxxx.raw

4. Simlation OK>END NG>automatically change and go 2.(Excel VBA)


>Unknown point

   0  1.000000000000000e+003,0.000000000000000e+000 < Initial freqency Value & phase
    5.000025261905380e-001,1.575044442547047e-004 < UNKNOWN(Change rate?)

      | (omit)

    -9.999949476189240e-003,3.150088885094094e-006 < UNKNOWN(Change rate?)


>Output data (RAW file) xxxxxx.raw

   Title: * C:\temp\HV_Filter_1.asc
   Date: Thu May 31 09:44:31 2018
   Plotname: AC Analysis
   Flags: complex forward log
   No. Variables: 422
   No. Points:          301
   Offset:   0.0000000000000000e+000
   Command: Linear Technology Corporation LTspice XVII
    0 frequency frequency
    1 V(n025) voltage
    2 V(n030) voltage

      | (omit)

    420 I(V2) device_current
    421 I(V1) device_current
   0  1.000000000000000e+003,0.000000000000000e+000

      | (omit)

   1  1.047128548050900e+003,0.000000000000000e+000


   Hereinafter omitted


>Export Freqency data(GUI , 50pint/dec>0.4dB Step>301point)



 | (omit)