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AD7177-2, Missing conversions

Question asked by ryerye129 on May 30, 2018
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I'm having a particularly weird issue where I'm not receiving half of the converted values. When streaming conversions, I will receive three (seemingly) consecutive conversions, and then three or four conversions disappear, and then I'll get another three seemingly consecutive conversions. 


I know I'm getting 3 and missing 3 (or 4) because I'm feeding a sine wave in the ADC ch0 input and plotting the converted values on my computer. Every 3 points, there's a jump. 


Does this seem like a familiar issue? Am I somehow not accounting for some cooldown period?


I'm currently operating the chip in:


Ch0 on (Ch1,2,3 are all off)

Continuous Conversion mode (Sync_en off, Err_en = 11)



Default Setup0, Gain0, Offset0

Internal reference

IOCLK = 500Khz