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AD5934 response time

Question asked by ManuCE on May 30, 2018
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I would like to know what is the response time I can expect with this IC.


Our design is based on the Circuit Note CN-0349, the schematic can be seen in the next figure:


The design has 2 conductivity cell ports and 3 measurement ranges.


The C code we are using does de following:


1. Configure switches for the chosen YCELL and range

2. Reset AD5934 and standby AD5934

3. Load start frequency, frequency increment, increment number and settling time

4. initialize frequency, wait 200 uS and start sweep

5. Wait for valid data

6. Get data

7. Power down


And these are the parameter we are using:


Start frequency0x820x10
Step frequency0x850x00
Step number0x880x00
Settling number0x8A0x00


We are getting good results when measuring resistors of a decade box.


Nevertheless, our board takes around 100 ms to give us the response and we would like to reduce that time.


Is it possible?