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SPICE Model for AD8610 does not work

Question asked by Fäbs on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Fäbs

I'm using the AD8610 in a simple buffer application. AD8627 and ADA4622 are working as expected but in the prototype i am bound to the AD8610. See the part of the simulation below.

Followup: I tried also to eliminate R1, R2, C1 and C2, same result

Use of AD8610, simple buffer

AGND is just a virtual GND for the single supplied circuit and should have a voltage of 2.5V. The right side is a square voltage generator with the AGND as offset. The pp-voltage is 400mV and the AD8610 acts as buffer. Here is what the waves should look like (simulated with AD8627):

v(generator) and v(generator_out) are congruent... v(agnd) is 2.5V

Now the waves with original AD8610 spice model:

v(generator_out) is wrong.


I compared both models and found a way to make the circuit run, but I have no idea what the changed parameter does actually or where I can find it in the datasheet. Hope anyone can help me.

Left: AD8627 / right: AD8610

If I change V3 to 5 or something the circuit works correct. What is V2 and V3 for? Are the values correct?


Thanks in advance and best regards