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LT4320 when using RDSON small

Question asked by Yuya on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by EHorsma


I would like to use LT4320.

So, I have a question.


#1   When DC voltage 24 V is inserted and IAVG is set to 1 A, it is necessary to use RDSON with 30 mΩ or more.         

       However, is there a disadvantage when using it at 30 mΩ or less?


#2   Is there a problem when using the voltage drop of the ideal bridge at 30 mV or less?


#3  I calculate RDSON by calculating data sheet.
    Is it OK to select RDSON of calculation result so that minimum value or typical value of RDSON of FET exceeds   

       calculated value?Or should the maximum value exceed the calculated value?

  I would like to use as small a value as possible.


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