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LT8646S keep on short cutting when power off/on

Question asked by John_Rosenberg on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by ycheng

We have a problem with the LT8646S that keep on being destroyed and thereby making a short-cutting and therefore also destroying other components in the power supply. The LT8646S is used in a power supply for an RF PA stage for 80-800Mhz and it looks like it is destroyed only when turning the 56V DC external power off.


I have attached a circuit diagram that shows the connection of the LT8646S, the Diode  i have set in with a Circle  shows a workaround we have made to protect the LT8646S. Without this diode it is destroyed randomly after a number of power cykles.


The Power consumptions is approx. 2A.

Is there any out there who have a hint or a better solution than using this protection diode ?Circuit diagram using LT8646S