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With the new LTspice VII I am very displeased. It has a lot of bad habits.

Question asked by Transist€orix on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by Transist€orix

Since 2008 I had worked very well with LTspice IV and its regularly incoming updates.

I constructed oscillator and demodulator circuits for my self-built theremin. Tone-frequency amplifiers for earphones worked very well, too.

But this new version is a worsening against LTspice IV. With increasing frequency the program denies to work and crashes as soon I want to see the waveforms of my oscillators.

The response to change capacitor values (the oscillator freqency should sink) is insufficient where LTspice IV delivered plausible results.

The use of ".step param" proved to be catastrophic: As soon as I clicked the "Output" box the screen showed cryptic straight intertangled lines and went dark. With a second trial I could sometimes see my oscillator spectra. But since this morning I never can see an FFT picture because LTspice VII crashes down. It shows "No reply", the screen gets whitish-grey, and I only can stop the program.

My operation system is Windows 10 Pro. Thus it cannot be the cause for this malfunction.

I have decided to work again with the LTspice IV version. It's reliable and delivers reasonable results.

Please forward my letter to Mike Engelhardt! He must know the disadvantages of his newest product.

As long I cannot register any improvement with a new version I'll rely on the IV version.


Kind regards,

Gottfried Karenovics, Dortmund, Germany