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adv 7391 not accessible via I2C-Bus

Question asked by mstephan on Dec 20, 2011
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we currently develop a video system for a customer and got problems to access the

adv 7391 via I2C-Bus. We did a lot of tests and checked supply voltage, alsb-Pin (which is used to configure the least

significant bit of the chip), and I2C bus transfer. We used a logicanalyser and a scope and checked if

the required I2C bus sequence (Start Condition, 7-Bit Slave Address(0x2a with alsb low or 0x2b with alsb high), /Write-Bit) is on the bus.

Furthermore we used a I2C-busscan utillity which is able to scan all addresses on the bus and we got ACKs form other devices on the bus.

So our bus works.

Everything seems allright but we get no ACK form the ADV 7391.

As a result of this we are not able to configure the ADV 7391.


Is there anything we can do to get the ADV 7391 responding to our I2C requests?


We hope you can help us.


Best regards,


Manuel Stephan