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Sure (wondom) ADAU 1701 adaptive filtering/ problems with iUSB

Question asked by Ynikoros on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by KJBob


I bought WONDOM AA-JA32172 JAB 3-50 amplifier board with dsp 1701.
I am gonna use it for my subwoofer. First of all could you please tell me is it possible to use adaptive filters inside 1701. Or can it be implemented by combining some tools of 1701?


I need to use different filters (different shape) depending on the level of signal. For example at low level loudspeaker does not have distortion at 40 Hz ( linear behaviour) but when increasing the level of signal, at some moment, at 40 Hz speaker reaches maximum excursion and gets distortions. So I need to create a filter with signal level dependence. Is it possible in Sigma studio?


Secondly, Sure provides WONDOM SigmaStudio Programmer Board, but I can not find the drivers for this, since its a China manufacturer they don't provide much information. So maybe you know where i can find the drivers for this. Because know I have ''unknow device'' (w7 64, Sigma studio 4).


on another computer it was possible to somehow install the driver and write the settings into the EEPROM of this programmer (but I can not find out how). Sometimes during self-loading, the subwoofer channel is cut off after 2-3 seconds (there may be a pulse in the subwoofer), but the second high-frequency channel is not turned off. What could be the problem?


I also wanted to know, when selecting a self boot mode (switch on the board)  is it possible to use sigma in real time (or it is not possible?)


Thank you so much!