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SSM3582 output stops when digital input value is too high

Question asked by MarcvE on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by galvinpjg

Dear sir or madam,


I successfully tested the SSM3582. Recently I found out that the output seems to clip when the input signal is above 20 bits wide. Why is this so? Is this due to the clipping of the DAC interpolator? What is the maximum input signal then? Can I avoid this by some settings? I use PVDD = 16 V. The Limiter does not seem to be triggered. I also already monitored the I2S signal conditioning and this seems to be perfect.


In addition I observed when working with an prbs input signal with amplitude 2^20, where only the MSB toggles, the output is zero. Using a sine signal with amplitude 2^20 the output sounds fine, however a lot of harmonic distortions can be seen on the spectrum of the speaker output. DAC Frequency is set to 8 kHz. I read the fault registers but everything seems to be fine. Can the high frequency clipping be disabled?


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