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AD9364 Tuning RX Failed for high freq.

Question asked by Yasincak on May 28, 2018
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We have custom board for ad9364 chip. Our HDL reference is hdl_2017_1. (kc705)

We got received Tuning RX Failed! for more than 45 Mhz frequency.


In ad9361_dig_tune_delay() function, we have changed rates as below.

//rates[3] =  {25000000U, 40000000U, 61440000U} 

rates[3] = {25000000U, 30000000U, 40000000U}


With these rates, we don't have any error. ad9364 initialize successfully.


My question is that is this problem related to our HW?

Do you have any suggestion to me to check some parameters in sw?