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About SDATAIOx Setting of ADAU1467 in sigmastudio

Question asked by Keyson on May 28, 2018

Thers is some doubt about SDATAIOx Setting of ADAU1467 in sigmastudio4.0.

1.why the Pin state of SDATA IN0 isn't displayed in SDATAIO0  when SDATAIO0 and SDATAIO1 simultaneously select Serial input PORT0, and  is displayed in SDATAIO1 instead ?(as shown in figures)

ADAU1467A.png (1241×574)

ADAU1467.png (1238×568)

2.why only the channals of SDATAIO0 are shown in red color? there anything wrong with the setting?

4.By the way,is there a sigmastudio4.0 version for windows x86?TylerK