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Building a Radar Application with KC705 and AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ

Question asked by Mahesh04 on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by larsc
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One thing i must need a clarity is what is the role of Linux OS if i want to build Radar Applications using KC705 Eval board and FMCOMMS3 Tranceiver board???


I am a beginner in this hence need a clarity answers. Past 2 days im following lot of docs and dissuasion on KC705 Eval board and FMCOMMS3 related but didnt get a clarity ans regarding Linux OS.


At present I have installed Vivado with node locked license in my PC which is running with Windows 7.


Now i want to test a basic Transceiver application. I have VHDl code to generate Pulsed signal. Now how can i interface FMCOMMS3 Tranceiver with my FPGA.


I know to enable  FMCOMMS3 Tranceiver i have to write so many registers to configure Frequency, Power and Bandwidth. This thing can be done by FMC connector where these values written from KC705 to  FMCOMMS3 Tranceiver. 


Now the questions is what extra softwares or librarys any elf images needed??? If needed how can i install.



Please provide a clarity ans regarding Linus OS part in KC705 + FMCOMMS3 related applications.