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ADE9000 CF Pulse Accuracy Improvement

Question asked by purwo2018 on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

Hi All,


I used ADE 9000 for energy measurement application and i use CF pulse to accuracy testing of the energy.

I use CF1 to pulse Active Energy and target accuracy is +/- 0.5%

Nominal value for calibrate the parameter :

V = 230 V

I = 5 Ampere

PF = 1

Pulse Constant : 1000 pulse/kWhr

CT Ratio : 2500 : 1

CT burden resistor : 5.1 ohm

R1 : 1000 kOhm, R2 : 1 kOhm

WATTHR = VARTHR = VATHR = 0x100000

I get the CF1DEN value 0x1219.

I have calibrated Voltage Gain, Current Gain, and Phase as shown in the ADE 9000 user guide.

Below the result after test in the calibration machine:

Note :

Ib = 5A, L = inductive load, C capacitive

Based on the value above with various load type and PF value, at nominal current (Ib) the error show around - 0.2%, and in the capacitive load its reach -0.6%/-0.7% (out of accuracy).


My Questions:

  1. How i can get improve the accuracy on Ib (5A) will became less than +/- 0.1% on all test range?
  2. What need to be improve to handle capacitive load with various PF value in the accuracy range (less than +/- 0.5%)?


Thanks for your kind feedback.