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ADXL355 measure inclination

Question asked by HOD on May 27, 2018
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I have a question.


I want to measure inclination using ADXL 355
I would like to tell you if you have knowledge about how to obtain the inclination.
As a reference of the tilt we use the following. (Equation 11.12).


【Consultation matter】
If you want to measure the inclination of the two axes, the other axis (Z axis) also changes when the Y axis is inclined.

I'd like to confirm what seems to be the cause of this change.

· When only the Y axis is tilted (In this case, since it rotates around the Z axis, it should be 0 G at any tilt)
The Z axis seems to move, but what is the cause? (Measurement error? Multi-axis sensitivity is on?)
Please tell me if you have any theoretical knowledge.

· Is there a method to suppress errors?


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