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ADV7625 Audio Mute Issue

Question asked by ph99004 on May 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by PoornimaSubramani

I have found an interesting situation where I can get an ADV7625 in a state where audio is no longer passing through the ADV7625 even though video is working fine.


When switching quickly between inputs, a non-used input defaults in the RX as a DVI source. In this case, audio is muted. When switching to an existing HDMI input afterward sometimes delivers an HDMI stream without audio. I have tested this with a signal/noise generator to ensure it is not a function of the source nor EDID. And an analysis of EDID by the same HDMI signal analyzer shows the EDID without issues (including CEA audio block).


I was thinking this was related to the auto muting capabilities of the ADV7625 but I have not found any clues or way to resolve this problem.


Resetting the system is my only method to return the system to operational state. HDMI will not accept audio anytime after the problem occurs, no matter what HDMI input source is selected.


This is my own board and not a EVAL board. However, I am using scripting guidance from ADV7625-26-2_Ver1.0.txt.


It would be nice to detect this situation and be able to reset the audio portion of the TX section but I am unable to find a solution.