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Difference between stand alone and self-boot. As well as trouble getting self-boot to work correctly on ADAU1701

Question asked by bradv123 on May 25, 2018
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Is there a difference between stand alone and self-boot? The Datasheet for the ADAU1701 clearly says that is supports self-boot, however when looking at this table the ADAU1701 does not say it supports self-boot, but it does say stand alone. 



I can't seem to get the development kit for the 1701 to self boot. Iv'e tried all of the instructions that I have seen in the various user guides, as well as instructions people have written here. To test this I made a very simple design that just passes the input to the output. When its plugged into the computer, I click "Link Compile Download", and then right click the 1701 in the hardware configuration and click "Write Latest Compilation to E2PROM" making sure the self-boot switch is towards the 10 pin connector (J8) on the evaluation board. A box pops up with various EEPROM properties, I don't change them, and I click "OK" it then downloads and seems fine so I flip the self-boot switch. When I press the reset button it works, it continues passing the audio from the input to the output. However, if I unplug the 10 pin connector, and plug in a barrel jack, nothing happens. Its clearly not performing the self boot, I just don't understand why. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


I have attached images of exactly what it is I am trying to do. 


Thank you