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LTC4020 NTC hysteresis behaviour

Question asked by DanielArvelund on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Fil

We are using the LTC4020 to charge a lead-acid battery, with the NTC pin used to enable charging within temperature range of the battery.

The LTC4020 has an upper and a lower voltage limit on the NTC pin, corresponding to temperature depending on how the customer chooses to connect the temperature sensor. In our case, we use a thermistor in a resistor network connected to the pin.


Can I get a more detailed explanation of how the LTC4020 behaves based on the NTC pin voltage? The datasheet mentions the hysteresis but does not say e.g. on which side of the nominal voltage threshold it applies, or whether the part will go into NTC fault state or not when powered up if the temperature happens to be within the hysteresis band.


// Daniel