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EVAL-ADUC7061MKZ Correct user guide needed

Question asked by JonFrey on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by barryzhang

UG- 029 is linked to the ADUC7061 Eval kit ,


but does not represent the PCB as shown in CN0214 ( Which matches  what I  purchased and need a user guide for ) 


I have an EVALCN0196 EB1Z I am trying to drive with it


Not finding much info about the interconnection or the  test application other than a note in a read-me file . Not sure if the CN0196 application is supposed to load the firmware for the Eval-ADUC7061MKZ on startup or it has to be done independently?


EVAL-CN0196-EB1Z Jumper Configuration:


        (for all headers, the 1st pin is close to the label of the header)     
        LK1, 1&2
        LK2, 2&3
        LK3, 1&2
        LK4, 1&2


        Connection between EVAL-CN0196-EB1Z and EVAL-ADuC7061MKZ:


        EVAL-ADuC7061MKZ  |  EVAL-CN0196-EB1Z
    PWRIN   J1-1      |  +5V_2   J1-1
    GND     J1-2      |  GND2    J1-2
    PWM1    J2-25     |  PWM1_I  J1-4
    PWM0    J2-26     |  PWM0_I  J1-5
        DVDD    J2-28     |  +2V5    J1-3