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ADF4350 and ADF4351 evaluation board control software

Question asked by rbrennan Employee on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by rbrennan

The latest ADF4350 and ADF4351 software is attached. This is compatible with ADF4350 and ADF4351.


Installation process:

1. Disconnect any evaluation board

2. Download and run the attached installer

3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked

4. Connect your evaluation board

5. Windows will detect the evaluation board and install the drivers

6. Run the ADF435x software from the desktop or Start Menu

7. The status bar of the software should show that the board is connected. If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the board.


Installer includes USB drivers.


Download source code here:


Reply to this thread if there are any issues.


  • v4.5.1: Added feature to pad register values with leading zeros (see Tools menu).
  • v4.5.0: Added register map tooltips to each control. Improved save/load functions to work across all future versions.
  • v4.4.0: Added Random Hop feature.
  • v4.3.6: Improved Band Select Divider value auto set for when Band Select Clock Mode is set to high (ADF4351 only).
  • v4.3.5: Fixed max PFD frequency warning for Int-N mode.
  • v4.3.4: Added Phase Adjust warning. Added option to disable the event log. Other bug fix.
  • v4.3.3: Fixed rounding error bug which could happen when PFD frequency was <1 MHz.
  • v4.3.2: Formatting/layout improvement.
  • v4.3.1: Fixed bug with Registers tab.
  • v4.3.0: Warnings significantly improved.

  • v4.2.11: Added INT limit check.
  • v4.2.10: Added repeat sweep feature.