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ADIS16405 Produc ID and stability

Question asked by @=@ on May 23, 2018

Hello everyone:

I use stm32f429 to communicate with adis16405 via spi, and the product id read is always 0x0003, which is inconsistent with the manual.If the last  reading data bit is 1, then the sequence is shown in the figure, Yellow line is CLK, and blue line is the other data that SDO.  But data read is correct, such as voltage, temperature, accelerometer, gyro and magnetic.

Yellow is CLK, and blue is  SDO .


A few days later , all data read was abnormal. About a third of the data is wrong, and two-thirds of the data is correct.But for a while all the data was out of whack.It feels like a random value.


I hope someone can help me analyze it.