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choose an VGA for 100khz small signal

Question asked by qike_tech on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by ARoxas

Please have your advice on it. Here is the details

1. the carrier a 100k~200k AC signal around 100mVpp, and the actual communication signal was a 2kHz signal (5mVpp) over it. I want to amplify the whole signal and demodulate the 2khz signal out of it.

2. Gain range 20dB to 80dB at 200kHz

3. small Vos, input offset voltage, best to have it less than 300uV max

4. Gain control could be implemented or controlled by MCU controlled MOSFETs or BJTs or DAC

5. could be supplied by 5V

6. best to have it rail to rail


Thank you in advance