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Evaluation Board AD9164-FMCC-EBZ vs AD9164-FMC-EBZ

Question asked by MikeC on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by saberbf

I have KCU105 to AD9164-FMCC-EBZ subclass 0 setup working but when I switch to a AD9164-FMC-EBZ, I'm unable to perform SPI writes.


When the FPGA is unprogrammed, I can set everything up through ACE and the values look good in the memory map but as soon as the FPGA is programmed, I read back everything as 0s from the AD9164 and can't write to the AD9508.


Are there any differences (besides the DAC package and balun) that might cause this? Maybe something that needs to be driven on the FMC?