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AD9548 1PPS GPS phase unlocked

Question asked by liuzhengling on May 23, 2018



Im using a board with AD9548 connected to an GPS retriever. I was able to successfully configure the device to get the 122.88Mhz output frequency, and i config out0 to 1hz,cmos, 24mA, and i read the register:0x0D0A, the value is 0x32,it means  Freq lock ,and phase lock,
And set register:0x0402 = 0x20, 0x0403 = 0x02, 0x0507 = 0x07,,but,I see no synchronize from the oscilloscope,

The phase of 1Hz is 3μs with GPS Phase difference,and the phase offset seems not a stable value, sometime is 500 ns,

do you have some way to solve it?