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Question asked by 林一凡 on May 23, 2018
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About AD9910 Abnormal Power Technology Advisory at Low Temperature

(Help needed regarding the fault of AD9910 at power-on in low temperature condition)


(Fault description: AD9910 is used for frequency-dividing, with reference input of 480MHz, and output of 26~30MHz single tone signal. There is one fault ( with no output signal) out of 30 times at time of  power-on in low temperature-40~0℃) )


Data was sent by general SPI interface, and the timing sequence of SCLK,SDIO Vs. I/O_UPDAT is as follows:

Red is SCLK, yellow is SDIO, and green is I/O_UPDAT.   red-SCLK,

yellow-SDIO, green- I/O_UPDAT

Expanded above


watching the intersection of SCLK and I/O_UPDAT


question 1: Is the parameter setting-up of  SCLKSDIO Vs. I/O_UPDAT is correct as being shown above


when the timing sequence was changed as being shown followed, there was no fault at time of power-on in low temperature.

Yellow is SCLK and green is I/O_UPDAT.  
yellow--SCLK, green--I/O_UPDAT
Set I/O_UPDAT high after clock completes 2 cycles

Once the I/O_UPDAT was set to high after 2 periods of SCLK, there was no fault at time of power-on in low temperature.  our second question was: is there a delay required for I/O_UPDAT regarding SCLK signal? if yes, how to set up the time delay?