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AD9789-EBZ and AD9789_SPI

Question asked by IPrium on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by IPrium

Hello ADI


I have AD9789-EBZ board and I'm using AD9789_SPI.exe software to control SPI settings for AD9789.

AD9789_SPI.exe allows only indirect registers modification by usign GUI elements (editboxes, checkboxes, buttons), I can't change registers directly by using "address" and "value".



Can I directly read and write SPI registers inside AD9789 usign "address" and "value" pair?

Do you have such API for your USB driver and PIC18F4550 controller?

Can you share how do you work with your winusb driver to transfer data to and from PIC18F4550 controller?


Any help appreciated, thanks.

Danil Shendrik, IPrium LLC