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ADF4158 FMCW Configuration

Question asked by ahmedandre on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by signumfx


I'm using a Radar that uses the PLL ADF4158.

I want to setup it as FMCW, currently, I'm getting the MUX output correctly, but when there is a stationary object, I don't get any signal, I just get a DC 

While moving objects are getting good sinusoids


Here are my registers values

R0 = 0xF8190000

R1 = 0x00000001

R2 = 0x0F509002

R3 = 0x00000043

R4 = 0x00780084

R5 =  0x02331275;

R5 with deviation = 0x002B676CD

R6 = 0x00000806

R6 wit stepselc = 0x00800006

R7 = 0x7