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Matlab ERROR:The system can not find specified path

Question asked by Hazel_ on May 22, 2018
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I am using fmcomms5 +zc706 board too. I have matlab 2018a on my windows and I have  zc706 board. I try to run the simulink example and matlab example ad9361_matlab.m and ad9361_sim for fmcomms5 board.I download iio_sys_obj in the simulink block. When I run simulink or MATLAB example I have this problem : the system can not find specified path and error on the attached figure. How can I solve this problem ? Examples in this link . And downloaded iio_sys_obj in the simulink block . I changed ip address . . ., dev name : ad9361 ,in_ch_no = 4 , out_ch_no = 4. in_ch_size = 8192; out_ch_size = 8192. But I don't know that do I need the change other particular ? and I am not sure   in_ch_size  should be 8192 or 32768 . ad-fmcomm5-ebz ad9361 iio #ad9361 data streamer simulink ad9361 matlab iio-oscilloscope  mhennerichkchucktravisfcollinsadmin analog-adminstevebRCharyDivyaS