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ADV7611 input video distortion

Question asked by wang_sd on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by GuenterL

Hello everyone,


I have been working on a FPGA video processing system for a while and finally the processing pipeline is working now. The video stream pipeline looks like this:

(Laptop) -> HDMI Source -> ADV7611 -> Hardware Processing -> ADV7511 -> HDMI Sink -> (Monitor)

However, after connecting my laptop's HDMI output port to the system, I got an image like this on the monitor screen. It is obvious that something was wrong with the input pipeline in either software or hardware. 


In order to narrow down where the problem is, I configured an internal test pattern generator and got a good image on my monitor, which means the output part was working well. (I saved the image in garyscale. The color could be seen on my monitor.)