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Preparing AD9364 Linux Image on SD card

Question asked by siddh4nt on May 21, 2018
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I am aiming to use AD Linux distributions to evaluate AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ  with my Zynq702 board. So Currently I downloaded the Linux Image (2017_R1-2018_01_29.img), Next I will write this image to SD card using win32diskmager, up to this my understanding is clear, Next comes preparing the image, Here I am stuck, please address my doubts.

I am unable to understand few lines of Preparing the Image  section of wiki page. Can somebody please explain me this in step by step process. ::

"The SD card includes a few images on it's BOOT partition. One of these images needs to be selected before the system will boot properly. In order to run any of these images, just copy the images from the subdirectory into the base directory, and then boot it.

If you notice that the file/board you want isn't in your actual SD-Card, that's because you need to upgrade it first. Just pick something with the same base board, boot it, and then run the update scripts, and then copy the right files to the BOOT partition."

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